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Rocky Mountain Wireline Service (RMWS) is your one stop home for all cased hole wireline services. From cement bond logs to swabbing, we do it all.

RMWS has a large fleet of wireline trucks, cranes, and trailers insuring truck availability to help you respond to emergencies and work within the confines of a tight schedule. Have an inquiry? Contact us for a quote and we can start the conversation.

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Our Services


Whether you are looking for simple squeeze holes, pump down plug and perf, or possibly in need of TCP, we have you covered.


Got some stuck pipe? Let us come run a free point to determine exactly where the issue is. If the decision is made to cut, we house options of chemical cutters as well as jet cutters.

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Rocky Mountain Wireline Service (RMWS) is committed to safety both off and on the work site. It is our goal to be acknowledged by our employees, customers and competitors as the leader in providing safe and efficient wire line services and products.

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