Perforating System

Perforating System

RMWS has 13 dedicated High Performance Wireline Perforating trucks with line sizes ranging from 7/32″ – 5/16″ to service multiple well depths and weights. Our patented select fire system boasts an industry leading success ratio — and allows us to perforate multiple zones on a single trip into the well. RMWS specializes in:

  • Select Fire Perforating
  • Radio Frequency Safe Perforating
  • Control Fire Perforating
  • Pump Down Perforating
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforating

We excel at 24 hour pump down perforating and have special engineers on staff with years of tubing conveyed perforating experience. Let us use our advanced perforating technology & proven success ratio to help you meet completion deadlines ahead of time!

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